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Designer Plunge Pools, a subsidiary of Designer Tanks, have manufactured hundreds of stainless steel pools over recent years.

This experience has taught us that there is a lot to consider when moving from a “A lidless tank” to a fully functioning compliant and safe plunge pool. 

We are the manufacturer, and proud to deal direct with our customers saving you money and giving you peace of mind.

We also ensure we partner with quality, reputable suppliers for our pool accessories and equipment to deliver a seamless solution. 

We are here to make your plunge pool experience a delight.

Plunge Pool Yard Designs
Scenic Plunge Pool Landscape
Stainless Steel Pool

Why choose us !

We manufacture our pools from, Premium Quality 316L stainless steel renowned for its exceptional durability, corrosion resistance, and longevity. 

We carefully build each plunge pool to order, enabling you to chose your own size and extras. 

A pool which will fit your needs perfectly

Further more our welded design and exclusive sealant technology means no PVC liner is required allowing you to enjoy plastic free pure stainless steel freshness. 

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Stylish Plunge Pool
Outdoor Plunge Pool
Stainless Steel Pool Design
Elegant Plunge Pool Design
Steel Plunge Pool Design

Plunge pool accessories

We have a wide range of accessories to help you build the plunge pool you need
Plunge Pools Jelly Bean Seat
Jelly Bean Seat
Designer Plunge Pool Ladder
Deck Mount Ladder
VProPlus Pool Heater

11kw  high efficiency inverter heat pump 


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